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About Us.


Born on the 21st of Feb, 2020

“Purani jeans aur guitar
Mohalle ki woh chhat aur mere yaar…
Woh raaton ko jaagna
Subah ghar jaana kudke deewar
Woh cigarette peena gali me jaa ke
Woh karna raaton ko ghadi ghadi saaf…..”

Your memories are Timeless… Flip through your golden college days over Canteen – style Bun Maska, Bread Omelette, Ghugni Toast” and Cutting Cha garnished with your memories, in a new “Avtaar”…..

A Few Words About Us

Been dreaming over the last couple of years… About curating an unique experience for you……………. Flipping through the pages of our yesteryear’s…. Reminiscing…. Musing….. Ruminating….. That’s it!!! How could we not discover it earlier?? 

Those passionately eventful and glittering lines on the pages of our college years… Those timeless moments… Those emotion-drenched discussions… Those Canteen days….. and Ramu Kaka….

Truely timeless… 

Ramu Kaka was always bickering over the “Gol – maal” but used to sadden on the approaching holidays…. “Ora chhutite gele to ekdom phanka hoye jabe”…. “The silence would eat through the Canteen walls”….. His Aqua Vitae… the STUDENTS 

We slipped in silently, just opposite Central Park of Kalyani….. Dreaming to slip slowly further on… into your hearts….. As spring slowly set in, we got ready to open our doors of Nostalgia, where we want you to be lost in thoughts and “Ädda” while we plate your Canteen memories for you… Play your Music, sing your College Anthems, Flatter your girl, weave your own dream…. 

Crafted with love & care.

Woh jaa ke canteen mein table baja ke,
Woh gaane gaana yaaron ke saath,
Bas yaadein yaadein yaadein reh jati hai,
Chhoti chhoti baatein reh jati hai….. Bas yaadein…


Cafe Purani Jeans… Probably the name says it all, doesn’t it? Our timeless companion, Nostalgia. Ideated against the once-upon-a-time anthem by Ali Haider… We wish to make you time-travel to your “Golden Days”, chat-up your childhood friends, be effervescent about your memories…



We strongly resolved to take your experience into new heights, taking pride in the way we feel for your feelings, your tastes and your needs. 

At Cafe Purani Jeans, we concentrate our culinary efforts & skills into meeting your expectations and creating a passionate position for us in ALL your Hearts…..

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